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Historical & philosophical studies
Protestant Theology / Religious Studies
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October - February
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On-line UNIC Research Blockseminar “The rise of ‘I-liberal’ democracies: Political instrumentalization of religious belongings and misleading theologies in Europe” Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Course Overview

The Research Blockseminar “The rise of 'I-liberal' democracies: Political instrumentalization of religious belongings and misleading theologies in Europe” (WS23/24) is a collaborative experience with the participation of European lecturers and students of faculties and centers members of the alliance of Post-Industrial European Cities UNIC. The Blockseminar focuses on the contemporary discussion on the state of European democracies and the emergence of the so-called "i-liberal" models in the continent, with particular emphasis on the political instrumentalization of religious belongings/narratives or misleading theologies for populist purposes. The phenomenon will be studied from a multidisciplinary perspective, which includes outlooks and developments from knowledge fields such as Social Studies, Political Studies, Theology, or Religious Studies. Students and lecturers from related fields are invited to join. With specific stress on research abilities and capacities, students will also be introduced to the use of methods and techniques of social research such as analysis of (political) speech, analysis of Media (political) content, or the analysis of social/political movements. On the break between the first block (20th – 21st of October) and the second block (12th – 13th of January), with the close assistance of the faculty, students will develop group single-or-multisite research on specific political/religious topics. In the second block, the groups will present and discuss their finding in the plenary.

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Course prerequisites

Because the seminar aims to introduce students to social research, no previous research experience or knowledge in the matter is required.​
English proficiency B2

Grading Philosophy

Course schedule

16.10.2024, 16:00. First Session [Online]
20.10.2023, 14:00-19:00 [Online]
21.10.2023, 09:00-14:00 [Online]
12.01.2023, 14:00-19:00 [Online]
13.01.2023, 09:00-14:00 [Online]

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Online Course Requirement

Students will attend the studying sessions, work in groups and present their results during the second block. Those interested in extra credits will be able to write an optional individual seminar paper according to the requirements of each faculty.


Prof. Dr. Claudia Jahnel / Daniel Jara MTheol.

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