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Business & administrative studies
MBA Program in International Business
Tokyo Campus
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January - February
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Organizational Management II: Professional Manager University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course will cover topics on learning practical management skills for newly appointed managers to promote performance. It will consist of the three key dimensions of management behaviors, 1) How to successfully make the transition from employee to manager, 2) Tips on how to carry out criticism and discipline, and 3) Strategies and behavior styles for mentoring, coaching, problem resolution. Students are expected to discuss and learn how to succeed and flourish as a manager using highly focused model for effective management.

Learning Achievement

January 15 Course overview, lecture & discussion, and individual presentation in “Manager & Leader”.
January 22 Lecture & discussion and case study in “Leadership Development”.
January 29 Lecture & discussion and case study in “Organization Transformation”.
February 12 Lecture & discussion in “Business Ethics”.
February 19 Course summary and case analysis.

All classes will be held at Classroom 121.


[Problem Finding]
Commitment to success
Anticipate problems
[Decision Making]
Analytical orientation
Creative thinking
Develop on-site solution plans
Organization management

Course prerequisites


Grading Philosophy

Participation (50%) Participation is composed by attendance and in-class contributions. Every student is expected to attend the class to better understand the topic. Students are expected to make positive and consistent efforts to contribute to the class, in particular, on how they could critically analyze the issues. Minimum three times of class attendance is required to receive a credit. Reflection papers (25%: 5% x 5 classes)
After each class, students are required to submit a reflection paper (in one page) in Word file in one week after the class. Please send reflection papers to the instructor by email. Reflection papers should include following contents:
Name, ID, date and title.
Identify key points.
Discuss what students have learned during the class and what was particularly new to students.
Case Analysis (25%) On the last class day, students will analyze a case and make a report. Students should start case analysis at 13:00 and submit reports on or before 15:00.

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Online Course Requirement


Noda Toru

Other information

Identical to 0AFM201.
Lecture is conducted in English. Once registered for a course, a student may withdraw from the course without penalty by notifying the instructor and submit withdraw sheet to Academic Ser- vice Office no later than the third class meeting. Absence without notice may result in a failing grade and the student may receive a “D.” grade. Only one
make-up report (1,000words) can be submitted due to the official reason if a
request is sent by email at least one day before the class.

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Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

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