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Standard Academic Year
3, 4
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Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects, Physical sciences
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Practical Plant Biotechnology University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

Plant cell, tissue and organ cultures for crop improvement will be introduced as conventional biotechnologies. The current status of of genetically modified (GM) crops and the genome editing technology will be introduced.

Learning Achievement

Competence 1 Systematic expertise
- to understand the theory and application of plant tissue culture technologies.
- to understand the theory and application of technologies of plant molecular breeding and crop genome information.
- To understand concrete examples of crops produced by plant biotechnology and efforts for practical uses.

Competence 2 International expertise
- to understand the roles of plant biotechnology in crop breeding and food production, and can explain the domestic and international situations surrounding this technology.
- can explain the current status of plant biotechnology in international issues such as sustainable food production, global food security and environmental safety.


Aims of this course are to acquire basic and applied knowledge on the plant biotechnology, which is a discipline targeted by Agro-Biological Resource Sciences.
1 Systematic expertise, 2 International expertise

Course prerequisites

Students will be expected to have successfully completed World Food and Agriculture prior to enrollment in this course.

Grading Philosophy

Basically, we assign a report to you every week and you are to submit it through the manaba by the next class.
The final exam will not be held. In order to be evaluated, report submission of 70% or more is required. We will comprehensively evaluate the submitted reports basing on their quality.

Course schedule

Due to Covid-19, face-to-face lessons will not be held at the lecture room. Instead, it will be held by the lecture videos uploaded on Stream. URL of the lecture video will be informed on the manaba. Report should be submitted through the manaba.
General introduction/Basic of Plant Tissue culture (Matsukura)
Mutant breeding and somaclonal variation (Matsukura)
Embryo/Ovule culture (Ezura)
Virus-free and micro-propagation (Ezura)
How to generate transgenic plants (Matsukura)
Sequencing technologies (Ariizumi)
Emergence of genome editing technology (Ariizumi)
Current status of GM-crop production in the world (Matsukura)
Evaluation and regulation of GM-crops and foods (Matsukura)
Current issues on development of GM-crops (Matsukura)

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Online Course Requirement


Ariizumi Tohru,Ezura Hiroshi,Matsukura Chiaki

Other information

(In order to respect for other students, I will define classroom conduct and decorum for learning excellence, lateness, permission to leave the classroom in the midst of the coursework.)
Basic knowledge of biology, genetics, and breeding

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