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Medicine & dentistry, Subjects allied to medicine
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
College of Medical Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Practice of Histopathology University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The course aims to gain the basic hisotopathological technique including preparation of histopathology grass slides with several staining and cytogogic procedures. Pathophysiologic discussion of autopsy cases is an additional attraction in this course.

Learning Achievement

Students will learn histo-cytopathological preparations and procedures using human pathological samples.


This coursework links up with academic goal: learning of histopathology and cytology of the human diseases.

Course prerequisites

G30 students only.

Grading Philosophy

Active participation in practical training (40%), Assignment (①-⑥) (30%), and presentation (①, ②) (30%). 

Course schedule

Detailed schedule will be announced at the beginning of this course.
5/11 (Thu) 3・4 period
(Guidance 1)Orientation (Kato or Kawanishi)
(Guidance 2)About fixation (Kawanishi)
(Guidance 3)About embedding (Okita)
(Guidance 4)About sectioning (Okita)
5/12 (Fri) 3・4 period
1. Observation of autopsy specimens
2. Sectioning of paraffin embedded samples
5/15 (Mon) 4・5 period
1. Making paraffin embedded samples
2. Sectioning of paraffin embedded samples
5/17 (Wed) 3・4 period
(Web Guidance ①)About Hematoxylin-Eosin (HE) staining (Okita)
1. Preparation of De-paraffinization and rehydration process and De-hydration and permeating process
2. Hematoxylin-Eosin (HE) staining
(Assignment ①)HE s
5/18 (Thu) 3・4 period
(Web Guidance ②)Staining of polysaccharides (Okita)
1. Periodic acid Schiff (PAS) reaction
2. Alcian blue (ALB) staining and toluidine blue (TB) staining
(Assignment ②)Staining of polysaccharides
5/19 (Fri) 3・4・5 period
(Web Guidance ③)Staining of connective tissue (Kawanishi)
Masson’s trichrome (MT) staining
(Assignment ③)MT staining, Elastica-van Gieson (EVG) staining
5/24 (Wed) 3・4・5 period
PAM staining
(Assignment ④)PAM staining
5/25 (Thu) 3・4・5 period
(Web Guidance ④)Immunohistochemistry (IHC)・in-situ hybridization (ISH)・electron microscope (Kawanishi)
(Assignment ⑤)IHC・ISH・electron microscope
5/26 (Fri) 3・4・5 period
Discussion on staining experiments and making protocols
1. Preparation of reagents
2. Sectioning of samples
5/31 (Wed) 3・4・5 period
Experiments, preparation and practice of presentation
6/1 (Thu) 3・4・5 period
Experiments (extra), preparation and practice of presentation
6/2 (Fri) 3・4・5 period
(Presentation ①)About staining experiments
*Submit your presentation slides (ppt file)
6/7 (Wed) 3・4・5 period
(Web Guidance ⑤)About cytodiagnosis (Murata)
1. Specimen processing and fixation
2. Papanicolaou staining
Preparation of presentation
(Assignment ⑥)Cytodiagnosis
6/8 (Thu) 3・4・5 period
Preparation and practice of presentation
6/9 (Fri) 3・4・5 period
Presentation ②)About cytodiagnosis
*Submit your presentation slides (ppt file)

Course type

Training/Lab Experiments/Practical Application

Online Course Requirement


Kato Mitsuyasu,Kawanishi Kunio,Okita Yukari,Murata Yoshihiko

Other information

1. All members of each group must cooperate in the practical training.
2. Ask questions to the instructor or technical staff if you do not understand something.
3. Wear lab coats and name tags during practical training.
4. Pay close attention to your hands when you are using a sharp knife.
5. Follow the effluent rules. Separate domestic wastewater from experimental wastewater and perform secondary cleaning (Xylol, etc.).
6. Because you will be using actual autopsy specimens, treat them with care and respect for the patients and their bereaved families.

Site for Inquiry

Link to the syllabus provided by the university