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Medicine & dentistry
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCF)
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January - January
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Preparing Scientific Articles in the Field of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology University of Sao Paulo

Course Overview

Writing is part of Science. Students enrolled in the Graduate Program in Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology are of different backgrounds and include pharmacists, biologists, engineers, veterinarians, among others. Nonetheless, all of them have to publish their results. This course focus on preparing original scientific articles. It highlights the importance of publication for an academic career, as well as for scientific development. Basic practices for scientific writing will be provided to stimulate students to publish their results. With this course we intend to increase the number and quality of publications of the students from the Graduate Program in Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology, as well as to contribute to the preparation of dissertations and thesis.

Learning Achievement

The course is intended to provide the students with tools to prepare and publish scientific articles, as well as to help with scientific observation, planning and data organizing. Additionally, we expect to promote critical reading of scientific articles and publishing of the results generated by the students during graduate course. The course will also help students in the preparation of dissertations and thesis.


Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Preparation of a manuscript through the course and exercises related to the manuscript preparation.

Course schedule

Course will include lectures, exercises, case-studies, and practical classes to discuss the manuscripts to be elaborated by each student during the course. 1- Introduction: - Scientific information through the time and the importance of publishing; - Adequate choice of journal for publication; - Types of articles and presentation styles; - Items of each type of article (full paper, short communication and review); - Discussion about Impact Factor (I.S.I. _ Institute for Scientific Information) and journal quality based on Qualis-CAPES classification. 2- The importance of Scientific Reading. Examples of a step-by-step publication process: manuscript preparation, submission, revisions, proof-reading and final article publication. Analysis of accepted and rejected submitted manuscripts. 3- Organizing the results to be published; discussion and objective statement. Preparation of a manuscript outline. 4- Definition of the manuscript title, keywords, authors and affiliations, corresponding author. Study-case of articles published in the journal selected for manuscript submission. 5- Writing of Materials and Methods Section. Units of measurement, precise description of methods. 6- Writing of Results Section. Presentation of figures, tables, flowcharts and schemes. Appropriate Captioning. 7- Writing of Discussion Section. Highlighting the most important results. Identifying and stating the most important findings of the work. 8- Writing of Conclusion Section and the Abstract. Acknowledgements. 9- References and citations. Abbreviations. 10- Writing of an impacting Cover Letter. How to answer the reviewer�fs comments.

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Online Course Requirement


Adalberto Pessoa Junior, Carlota de Oliveira Rangel Yangui

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