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Medicine & dentistry
Medical School (FM)
São Paulo, Pinheiros campus
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January - January
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Prevention of Diseases, Promotion of Health and Reduction of Vulnerability: Historical Evolution of Concepts and Opportunities of Interprofessional Practices University of Sao Paulo

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International and national initiatives have as one of the objectives to reorient professional training, ensuring an integral approach to the health-disease process. The conceptual understanding, as well as the understanding of the historical and social roots that justify the emphasis on basic health care and strategies for health promotion and reduction of vulnerabilities, is pressing to support such a reorientation.

Learning Achievement

- Present theoretical assumptions and practical implications in the historical emergency process and development of the concepts of Natural History of Disease / Levels of Prevention, Health Promotion and Vulnerability. - Reflect on the processes of historical transformation of conceptions and practices on the health-disease-care processes. - Reflect on the involvement and challenges for the interprofessional team in the provision of actions to prevent injuries, health promotion and reduction of vulnerability.


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Frequency: Weight 1 Self assessment (performed individually on the last day of class, through interview of the student and responsible teachers): weight 1 Class Activities: Weight 2 Final evaluation - exercise: weight 6

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The focus of the program is on the historical emergence of the concepts of multi-causality, Natural History of Diseases and Levels of Prevention. International and national benchmarks on health promotion. Discussion of the concept of vulnerability and network construction (intersectoriality). The role of health disciplines and professions in the three approaches (prevention, promotion and vulnerability), as well as the new pedagogical strategies applied to the field of health communication are examined. CLASSROOM SCHEDULE 1 1st part: Presentation of the students + presentation of the proposal of the discipline and the evaluation form - (registration for use of Dropbox) Profa Ana Claudia Germani Part 2: Visit to the museum of FMUSP + Lecture on Medicine and Historicity Prof. Andr_ Mota 2 1st part: History of medical practice and diseases Profo Andr_ Motta 2nd part: HND and levels of prevention. Prof. Jose Ricardo Ayres 3 General concepts of Health promotion in Brazil and in the world: opportunities for interprofessionality and intersectoriality. Profa Ana Claudia Germani 4 Vulnerability Profo Jose Ricardo Ayres 5 Communication on disease prevention and health promotion practices Profa Ricardo Teixeira 6 Course and student evaluation

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Online Course Requirement


Andre Mota, Jose Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita Ayres, Ana Claudia Camargo Gon_alves Germani

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