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Medicine & dentistry
College of Public Health
Downtown Campus-College of Public Health
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February - June
Weekday and Period
Wednesday 6,7,8
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EPM8003 (849ED0400)

Principle and Application in Health Research Methods National Taiwan University

Course Overview

The module will be delivered over one semester, as a blend of small group work and lectures, practical exercises, group project, presentation and in-class discussion of reading tasks.

Learning Achievement

The aim of this course is to introduce concepts of study design, data collection and statistical analysis commonly used in public health research with a strong focus in global health.


Course prerequisites

1. Active participations in the discussion and presentation of reading tasks are requirements for all students. 2. On the completion of this course, students will identify a specific research topic related to global health and use the skills and knowledge taught in the course to undertake a critical review of the literature relating to the identified research topic/problem, design a study to investigate the problem, and write an appropriate protocol for conducting a research project on the topic, including ethical aspects of their research. 3. For the mid-term presentation, each student is required to do a 15-minutes presentation on her/his identified research topic. The content of presentation should include a preliminary report of background, literature search strategy and research hypotheses. 4. For the final presentation, each student is required to do a 15-minutes presentation on her/his research proposal for the identified topic. The content of presentation should include a report of background, literature review, research hypotheses, study design and statistical methods. 5. Each student is required to submit a final written report in the format of a research project proposal, including project title and sections on research background, literature review, materials and methods, and expected outcomes.

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Online Course Requirement


Wei-Jane Chen

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(College of Public Health) Graduate Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine

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