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Psychology, Physiology and Pathology of Children with Visual Impairments University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This lecture will explain the pathological, psychological, and physiological characteristics that contribute to the deterioration of visual function in infants, children, and students with visual impairment and their interactions, as well as the perceptual and cognitive characteristics of each individual infant, child, or student, and introduce cooperation with families and related institutions.

Learning Achievement

The student should be able to understand and explain the pathological aspects that cause visual defunction and the psychological and physiological characteristics of visual impairment and their interaction, understand and explain the characteristics of visual perception, tactile perception and cognition of each infant, child or student with visual impairment through observation and examination, and also understand and explain the importance of cooperation with families and medical institutions for visually impaired.


Ability to understand disability

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Grades for the second half of the course, from the 11th to the 20th lecture, will be evaluated by the following two-step procedure:
(1) A quiz will be given after each lecture, taking into consideration the content listed in the achievement objectives. The total score of all quizzes must be 70%.
(2) A final report will be given on a comprehensive assignment related to the content covered in the lectures, which must be solved to obtain 60% of the full score.
Grades A+ to C will be assigned based on the total score of the final report (80%) and the quiz (20%).

Course schedule

Structure and Development of Visual Organs
Congenital Anomalies of the Eye
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Cornea and Sclera)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Glaucoma)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Cataract, Refractive Error)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Retina 1)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Retina 2)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Retina 3)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Case Studies)
Major Ocular Diseases Causing Visual Impairment (Optic Nerve and Central Nervous System)

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Online Course Requirement


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