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Social studies, Law, Languages
Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences
Master's Program in International Public Policy
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Public Policy A University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The main goals of this course are to introduce students to the major theoretical streams in public policy and policymaking, as well as explore approaches to public policy research that combine policy and political analysis. The fundamental goal of public policy is problem-solving, and that is also the main objective of the class. Together, we will explore how this goal is accomplished. We will do so by identifying the relevant policy actors and institutions, policy needs and constraints, and, ultimately, why some public policies succeed and others fail.

Learning Achievement

In the first two lectures of this course, I will introduce public policy. Then we will review the leading historical and theoretical debates in public policy, followed by lectures on policy formulation. We will also cover actor identification, interests and roles.

After covering this basic material, we will have two interactive lectures and presentations by students of case studies based on defining actors and interests in public policy, as well as policy- and decision-making on select international, national, and local levels (if time permits). These case studies will mainly focus on identifying the actors involved, the behaviors that they exhibit, and the limitations that they face in realizing policy goals.


1. General-propose competence: knowledge utilization, management capability, internationalism.
2. Degree program competence: research capability, ethics.

Course prerequisites

In order to do the readings and presentations for this class, students should have a sufficient grasp of English. All lecture materials will be in English, and the readings (approximately 1 to 2 chapters per week) and presentations will be conducted in English.

Grading Philosophy

Class participation 20%
Three one- to two-page essays on the lecture content and readings (10% each) for a total of 30%
Pair or individual case-study presentation 25%
Final paper 25%
Total 100%

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Online Course Requirement


Kawasaki Leslie Tkach

Other information

Open in even number years.
Identical to 01DP728.
Lecture is conducted in English.
授業形態はシラバスの「その他」欄で確認してください。 This class is held in even-numbered years.

Please keep the following points in mind for this class.
1. Plagiarism policy: If it is found that an assignment, final paper, or project has been plagiarized, the student will automatically receive a zero grade for that assignment, final paper, or project, and may receive a failing grade in the class.
2. Students are expected to attend regularly and participate actively, including small-group discussions with their peers.

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Leslie Tkach Kawasaki

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