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Medicine & dentistry
Medical School (FM)
São Paulo, Pinheiros campus
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January - January
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Research Applied to HIV / AIDS Infection: Approaches, Methods and Techniques University of Sao Paulo

Course Overview

HIV / AIDS infection is a serious health problem today and its repercussions are felt in many aspects of human life. Well-conducted scientific research can contribute to the generation of knowledge in coping with this epidemic, focusing on components of the complex network of related biopsychosocial factors. Considering that the technical preparation for the planning and execution of scientific research is essential for the training of the researcher, this discipline intends to offer subsidies to the process of elaboration, reading and critical analysis of research projects applied to the deepening the knowledge regarding HIV infection AIDS, with emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach.

Learning Achievement

A) To discuss the process of scientific investigation that has as object the study of HIV / AIDS infection, including its planning, main approaches, methods and techniques. B) To provide subsidies for the formulation of research projects focused on this theme. C) To enable students to analyze literature about the subject, through a fair interpretation of the most frequently used research methods. D) To stimulate the interdisciplinary approach in scientific research related to HIV / AIDS infection


Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

The evaluation will be based on the attribution of a concept regarding the interest and participation of the students in the proposed activities - classes, seminars, guided exercises, as well as the presentation of an individual research project at the end of the course.

Course schedule

• Fundamentals of scientific research: observation and experimentation; metering; probability, Induction; • Research planning: the research process; • Selection and formulation of the scientific inquiry of the research; • Bibliographic research survey; • Research planning: study designs applied to HIV / AIDS infection (quantitative observational and intervention studies, qualitative studies); • Selection of subjects for the research: sample calculation and sampling criteria, recruitment of subjects; • Data collection and use of data as a source of information (quality and quantity); • Measurement of results (accuracy); • Planning of the analysis and interpretation of results; • The research report; • Ethical aspects of research involving human beings; • Research funding.

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Online Course Requirement


Aluisio Augusto Cotrim Segurado, Ana Marli Christovam Sartori, Eliana Battaggia Gutierrez

Other information

The selection of students for the subject will require the submission of scientific research proposal related to HIV / AIDS infection.

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