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College of Liberal Arts
Main Campus
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February - June
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Wednesday 2,3,4
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FL7202 (122EM0080)

Research Methodology and Academic Writing (Ⅱ) National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Designed specifically for thesis-writing students (year 2 and above) in the MA program of Foreign Languages and Literatures, this course guides students through the production of a proposal for their theses. Students perform the proposal writing task in a sequence of manageable stages, from refining a research question, constructing a literature review, to eventually drafting a proposal. Students will also acquire strategies for writing and revision that can be used beyond this class. Most class sessions consist of oral presentations and writing workshops, which means learning in this class depends on intensive peer collaboration. Students are also required to work closely with their thesis advisors in developing proposals and preparing drafts.

Learning Achievement

1. Students will learn to effectively manage the thesis writing process, develop writing habits for thesis writing, and produce a proposal for the thesis. 2. Students will develop a healthy/practical attitude towards thesis writing.


Course prerequisites

Weekly Quotations: Students should bring one quotation from a primary or secondary source to class every week, preferably written in their thesis-ideas notebook. Each class session starts with free writing on that quotation. Mini-Lessons: Each student will conduct a succinct ten-minute mini-lesson on short readings from The Elements of Academic Style, preferably with handouts or some other interactive component. Participation: Active participation is defined as volunteering to answer questions, demonstrating preparedness, staying on task in class, and in general contributing to the advancement of the learning community in this course. Oral Presentations: Students will present their own work and solicit commentary and support from peers and the professor. Clarity and succinctness of the presentation are signs of good preparation. Portfolio: The portfolio consists of an accordion-folder which contains all thesis-related writings students compiled in the semester and it exhibits the process of thesis writing and records meta-reflections that occur along the process. The contents should include weekly quotations, major drafts of the proposal, source bibliography, literature review, methodology statement, advisor's comments, classmates' responses and comments, thesis-idea notebook, chapter outline and drafts (if any), and other notes or reflections. Grades Participation: 25% Mini Lessons: 5% Oral Presentations: 30% Portfolio: 40% *This is a pass/fail course. To pass and to succeed, students MUST complete and submit the assignments on time and in the proper format.

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Online Course Requirement


Shan-Yun Huang

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(College of Liberal Arts) Graduate Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature
*Majors-only (including minor and double major students).
*Registration eligibility: graduate students.

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