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Medicine & dentistry
College of Medicine
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February - June
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Monday 6
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CDent7019 (422EM1140)

Review of Orthodontic Treatment Results (Ⅳ) National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Students participate in the class will prepare case presentation from his/own patient pool. Each resident is assigned his / her own patients in the first year of the training program, most of which are expected to be completed by the end of the third year. Some of the unfinished cases will be transferred to the second year trainee from the graduates. The second year trainee will select a case undergoing treatment but treatment goal and efficiency not meeting the expectation. The third year trainee will select a completed case to review the treatment outcome. The presentation will begin with pre-treatment records, evaluating etiology, diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment outcome (mid-treatment records or final records). Students are taught the important skills of cephalometric superimposition in order to differentiate the natural growth and treatment effects. After each case presentation, questions will be raised and fully discussed. All the presentation and discussion will be held in English. Problems in diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment procedures, treatment mechanics and management will be carefully reviewed based on individual cases. Constructive opinions will be given on improving treatment efficiency, treatment outcome or biomechanics. In this class, students learn how to a. obtain and create long term files of quality images of patients using techniques of photography, radiology and cephalometrics. b. collect and organize detailed treatment records which may include care from other providers. c. develop a foundation for understanding and planning treatment and implementation of appropriate treatment objectives and mechanics. d. evaluate treatment progress via cephalometric superimposition. e. manage and motivate patients to participate fully with orthodontic treatment procedures.

Learning Achievement

Goal: for developing the skill of case presentation in English, evaluating the treatment result via cephalometric superimposition, exercising problem resolving ability in clinical setting


Course prerequisites

Review of Orthodontic Treatment Results (Ⅱ)

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Online Course Requirement


Chung-Chen Yao

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(College of Medicine) Graduate Institute of Clinical Dentistry

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