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February - May
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Science Without Borders University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

The course is based on blended mobility in which a group of mixed
students from the College of Science and Technology fromUniversity of
Bordeaux (UB) and from the college of Arts and Science from University
of Cincinnati (UC) conduct scientific literature research on a topic
involving emerging technology and/or global issues. 

The joint work in carried out in the form of virtual exchange, in
which the focus in mainly in the interaction among the participants.
Thus, such cooperation is, among the literature research, on the
essence of the learning process. One-week visits of each campus are
planned in order to enhance interaction.

This program is designed to enable students to properly organize and
communicate their work over distance. It also provides guidelines not
only to conduct a literature research developing critical reasoning,
but also to host a workshop to a broader audience of students on the
studied topic. 

The main objective of the program is to promote international
collaboration between undergraduate students of both partner

Goals for this course include:

- To capacitate participants to conduct the literature research on an
interdisciplinary topic and international context;  - Use (and
discover) tool to organize the (virtual exchange) work;  - Improve
presentation (both oral and written); - Heighten sensitivity to and
appreciation for intercultural dialogue;  - Enhance critical
thinking ;  - Forster soft skills, such as team work, leadership,
autonomy and communication in international context;  - Develop
skills in Information and Communication Technology;

At the end of the program Students are expected to be able to : 

- Organize meetings and workplan over distance;  - Document their
work;  - Establish the a state of the art based on literature
research for a given topic;  - Organize and present scientific
content through seminars and workshops;  - Use Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) and digital media to perform tasks,
solve problems, communicate, manage information, collaborate, create
and share content;  - Interact with people from different majors in
science and technology, examining local, global and intercultural
issues;  - Engage with people from other cultures in a sensitive,
respectful and curious manner;  - Effectively manage group
interactions to achieve a common goal;  - Enhance communication
skills in English (for non-native speakers); - Become acquainted with
the education systems of the partner university.

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- Level B2 in English
- Access to a computer with internet for online meetings and
literature research. 

Grading Philosophy

Assessment is based on the following aspects : 

- Improvement on written reports: quality of documentationregarding
the literature research as well as organization of the work (meeting
agendas and minutes); 
- Quality of presentations in seminar and workshop.

Continuous assessment of written documents (meeting minutes as
literature research notes : 25% of overall grade. 

- Oral presentation in seminar : 25% of overall grade  / 15 minutes
presentation for each group in February 
- Oral presentation in workshop : 50% of overall grade / 30 minutes
presentation for each group in April 

In case of failure/re-sit, the assessment becomes as follows: 

- Oral individual presentation (30 minutes).

Course schedule

The main contents of the course correspond to: 
- Work organization in international context - Literature research 
- Communication of scientific topic to an international audience.
Such contents are addressed through guidelines and feedbacks
throughout regular meetings with the program participants and tutors.

Course type

Workshops, individual research, group meetings and seminars. - 120 Self-study hours (literature research: 60 hours, work organisation : 20 hours, work documentation: 40 hours)  - 120 Virtual contact (group work 120h)  - 20 contact hours (2-5 tutorials, 1 seminar, 1 workshop) 

Online Course Requirement


Other information

Maximum number of students : Duration: Spring semester

Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Face-to-face teaching and distance-based

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: André BENINE NETO