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Medicine & dentistry
Medical School (FM)
São Paulo, Pinheiros campus
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January - January
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Scientific Publication in Medical Journals: A Survival Guide for Future Authors University of Sao Paulo

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1. To disseminate the knowledge of policies and processes related to the publication of scientific papers in medicine. 2. To organize and clarify the steps by which a scientific work passes from completion to publication in a medical journal. 3. To enable students to the publication of data from a research in the best possible way.

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1. Writing and scientific literature _ historical and philosophical principles, the role of the editor, reviewer and author. 2. The choice of the jornal in which to publish. Classes 1 and 2 are classical lectures followed by Q&A delivered in day 1 3. Bibliometric indicators (number of citations, impact factor, , altmetrics): what are, how they are calculated and what is the hierarchy? Class 3 is more practical (tutorial) and to be delivered in day 2. 4. Authorship, title, language, grammar, clarity, formatting, organization of concepts and information, structured abstract, the IMRAD model, the ethics committee, mandatory registration of clinical trials, figures and tables. Class 4 is a classical lecture to be delivered in day 3 (45 min) + Q&A 5. Important details: cover letter, statement of reviewers, contraindication of reviewers, key words, inclusion, choice and formatting references. Class 5 is also practical (tutorial) and to be delivered in day 3 as well. 6. Rejection and frustration, the Editor will do anything to reject; the opinion of the reviewer; the preparation of the response to the reviewer; how many rejections a work resists? 7. The post-sale marketing: quote, impact factor of the article and the author's h-index. Class 6 and 7 are classical lectures to be delivered in day 4 (2 X 45 min) + Q&A Day 5 _ Paper Clinic. This day is reserved to practicing examples of preparing a manuscript for submission: a deep and practical look into class number 4 (students are encouraged to bring their own research manuscript)

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Bruno Caramelli, Ana Marusic

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