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Standard Academic Year
Semester 2
Course delivery methods
Hybrid or Others
Physical sciences
College of Science and Technology
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March - May
Weekday and Period
6 ECTS - 126 hours = 41 contact hours (35 lectures and tutorials, 6 practicals on computer); 82 hours self-study; 3 hours + project for assessment.
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Solid State Physics University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide the students with the
basics of solid-state physics. Prerequisites of statistical physics
and quantum theory are required as well as basic concepts in optics.
Fundamental concepts will be illustrated all along the lectures by
means of practical examples.

A first part of the course is devoted to the main models of electronic
structure in periodic systems are exposed (Fermi free electron
gas,nearly free electrons in a perturbation theory) and illustrated by
simple benchmark examples.

In a second part, the optical properties of the solid state are

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- Basics in “Quantum mechanics” - “Statistical Physics” -
notions of geometrical optics (Undergraduatelevel)

Grading Philosophy

Type of assessment / first session: written exam (60% weight of
overallmark) at the end of the semester, project evaluation (40%
weight of overall mark).

In case of failures/second session: written exam (60% weight of
overallmark) at the end of the semester, project evaluation (recall of
the first session mark).

Course schedule


- Elementary classical and quantum aspects of the free electron
theory of metals.
- Electrons in a weak periodic potential: Bloch’s Theorem,
perturbation theory applied to periodic potentials, band structure,
Fermi surfaces and Brillouin zones, nearly free electrons model.
- General properties of semiconductors.
- The Tight-Binding model, a chemist’s view of bonding in solids.
- Electromagnetismin matter: Maxwell’s equations, polarization,
dielectric constant,the propagation equation, reflectance,
transmittance and absorption,dielectric, metals and semiconductors,
blackbody radiation
- Opticalproperties of metals
- Opticalproperties of nanoparticles
- Photonicapplications: sensors, LED’s, quantum dots, solid state
lasers,spectroscopy, photonic crystals 


Computational procedure for the study of periodic systems.

Energy minimization and ground-state properties calculations.

Structural optimization, Lattice relaxation.

Calculation of density of states and bands diagrams.

Course type

Lectures, practicals on computers, project.

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Other information

Duration: 11 weeks (Spring Semester)

Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Learning mode = in-class 35 contact hours - Assessment procedure = final exam + project evaluation

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Cedric Crespos

Alexandre Baron

Corinne Jalibert