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1, 2
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Creative arts & design
Master's Program in Design
Master's Program in Design
Tsukuba Campus
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Special Lecture in Place Making University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The methodology of placemaking, which creates places that people find comfortable and enjoyable, is an important method for improving living environments in cities, workplaces, and homes. This lecture will provide an explanation and discussion of cross-disciplinary living environment projects based on placemaking. Through the lectures, students will learn about tool design to support people, environmental and architectural design of streets and buildings to create a foundation and framework, conditions for information design to promote use and operation, roles of various design disciplines, collaborative methods, and good placemaking methods.

Learning Achievement

Through the study of individual placemaking and public placemaking, students will learn how to create use value and movable value in the living environment, and how to apply this value in various design fields.


(Generic Competences)Ability to use knowledge
(Specific Competences)Conceptual and expressive skills, Analytical skills

Course prerequisites

Knowledge of a specialized area related to design or placemaking.

Grading Philosophy

60% report based on immediate proposals and sketches made during each class (30% on proposal content and 30% on expression), 40% end-of-term report.

Course schedule

Placemaking is a concept in which people continue to voluntarily create various temporary place situations while emphasizing each person's place in the world. It is also a method of management in which people improvise situations by responding flexibly to the situations that arise. In order to promote the consideration of specific situations, a variety of examples will be presented in the lecture. In addition, in order to enhance the instantaneous power of planning, immediate proposals, sketches and reports will be submitted during each class.
Placemaking concepts and scene elements for proactive use.
How to design and arrange furniture and space to create a framework for a place.
How to arrange people, objects, and places in activity infrastructure.
Traditional Japanese placemaking methods and examples.
A case study of building a "first place" (home)
A case study of creating a "second place" (workplace)
A case study of creating a "third place" (in the city)
Examples of complex businesses overseas
Examples of social experiments and complex projects in Japan
Prospects for placemaking and examples of its development in various fields

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Online Course Requirement


Other information

The immediate sketch report will be a hand-drawn sketch of the proposal in about 15 minutes time, with textual commentary, to be submitted in class. Advanced drawing skills are not required.
Please prepare your own pencils and erasers.

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