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Social studies, Law, Languages
Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences
Master's Program in International Public Policy
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Topics in Central Eurasian Studies B University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course examines the current economic, political social and cultural
climate of Central Eurasian countries within the global context. By
utilizing the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) as a guideline of
the global measure, it explores area's developmental issues and
identifies efforts to overcome challenges. Students will gain a basic
knowledge of international developmental goals, particularly the SDGs
through various readings and discussions. This is a subsequent course of
Topic in Central Eurasia Study A. The theme of Prosperity and Planet
will be covered in this semester.

Learning Achievement


• General-propose competence: knowledge utilization, management capability, and internationalism.
• Degree program competence: Professional knowledge.

Course prerequisites

This lecture is designed to be completed in two semesters. This is the second half of the course which is a continuation of “Central Eurasian Study (A)—Special Topic on SDGs (0ABC326)”.

Grading Philosophy

Grading will be carried out in the following points, and students fulfilling the criteria will pass.
• Participation in class activities: They include providing comments and questions during the class, but not limited: 30%
• Assignments: 1) Discussion points, 2) Progress Report :20%
• Individual Presentation : Presentation and facilitating discussion 20%
• Final Exam: Term paper (10-15pages) 30%
The grade will be determined based on the scores of above-mentioned course activities. The letter grade will be assigned as follows.
A+(100-90), A(89-80), B(79-70), C(69-60), D(59-0)

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Online Course Requirement


Yamamoto Yukiko

Other information

This course is offered in English.
NipCa fellows are expected to register this course.
Lecture is conducted in English.
授業形式はシラバスの「その他」欄で確認してください。 •Class type: Hybrid or Others
This course is offered mostly through online (synchronous); however, face-to-face meetings may be organized, reflecting situations and needs of the students.

•Online classes are held using Microsoft teams, unless the instructor specifically announces alternative format. Other online tools, such as zoom, maybe utilized for functional reasons. Please pay attention to the announcements during the class, as well as on the manaba.

•The attendances are monitored through respon

• Active participation to the class are expected. Feel free to ask questions and make comments on discussion topics. Occasionally, the students are asked to form small group to discuss the theme. Contributing to the discussions, facilitating to consolidate different opinions, and presenting the outcomes. This course will be completed with the course “Topics in Central Eurasian Studies B” which will be offered in the Spring semester. are important activities in this course.

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