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Agriculture & related subjects
Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (CENA)
Piracicaba campus
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January - January
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Uses of Nuclear and Related Techniques in Studies of Animal Science University of Sao Paulo

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Within the strategic objectives of CENA, the "Productivity and Agribusiness Food" includes the programs for plant breeding and production and food preservation, whose scientific research deals in many cases with the use of nuclear techniques in biological systems. The course will provide the basics of different nuclear and related techniques used in developing research on agricultural productivity, aiming to secure and qualitative development of scientific works.

Learning Achievement

Present nuclear and related techniques as tool for studying factors affecting animal productivity and its interaction with the environment, through nutritional evaluation of feeds, the study of nutrient metabolism, quantification and identification of bioactive molecules present in foods and by-products and studies for mitigating greenhouse gases by animals.


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Grading Philosophy

Assessment through seminars with the presentation of the results obtained in practical classes.

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The use of isotopic markers such as 13C, 51Cr, 32P, 45Ca and 15N and the radiation is discussed in understanding the way as the microorganisms in the rumen of animals digest forages and other foods; how the radiation may increase the digestibility of fibrous foods and how radioisotopes and radiation are important tools for studying the real absorption of minerals; besides being discussed the use of markers such as 125I and 3H for determination of hormones by immunohistochemical analysis to monitor reproductive functions of female domestic interest. It is also studied food and diet regarding the in vivo production of methane produced by ruminants by systems using single chambers and tracer gas SF6. Practical classes will analyze different products to follow techniques of chemical analysis; estimates of total digestible nutrients and gas production in the evaluation of food; Beyond the determination of minimum requirements of minerals in domestic animals; digestibility in vivo and in vitro determination of bioactive molecules in food and quantification of enteric methane.

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Online Course Requirement


Adibe Luiz Abdalla, Helder Louvani

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