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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
Course delivery methods
Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects, Physical sciences
Degree Programs in Life and Earth Sciences (Master's Programs)
Degree Programs in Life and Earth Sciences (Master's Programs)
Tsukuba Campus
B107 Nat. Sci.
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October - December
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Utilization and Recycling of Bio-resources University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The main purpose of this course is to help the students understand the followings: (1)Basic concepts in bioresource utilization and recycling; (2)Fundamentals of design for waste/wastewater utilization and recycling; and (3)Major technologies used for bioresource utilization and recycling. In addition, case studies, especially those relating to waste/wastewater treatment and biogasification projects are also included.

Learning Achievement

(1)To understand the basics and fundamentals of bioresource utilization and recycling.
(2)To get familiar with the design and application of waste and wastewater treatment and recycling.
(3)To acknowledge and learn more about up-to-date bioresource technologies from case studies.


This course is related to the enhancement of students’ capabilities and skills on internationality, communication, teamwork, comprehension/analysis, project management and presentation.

Course prerequisites

Environmental chemistry and/or biochemistry

Grading Philosophy

(1) Only those who attended 70% lectures will be evaluated.
(2) Answers to questions and assignments should be submitted before the next lecture (60%)
(3) Quiz (20%)
(4) Presentation (or group report, 20%)

Course schedule

The following arrangement is tentative. Please come to the first class for this year's detailed schedule.
Outline of the course
Basic concepts + case studies
General technologies for waste and wastewater treatment and recycling-I
General technologies for waste and wastewater treatment and recycling -II
Fundamentals for reactor design and optimization
Modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment plant
Anaerobic digestion/fermentation technology-I
Anaerobic digestion/fermentation technology-II
Hydrothermal technology and its utilization in resources and energy recovery from organic solid wastes
Quiz and group reports on organic solid waste or wastewater treatment and recycling
Will notify all the students through Manaba if there's any change.

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Lei Zhongfang,Utsumi Motoo,Yuan Tian

Other information

This course is closely related with the basics, fundamentals, design and application of bioresource technology. The students who have the background of environmental science, chemistry, and biology are welcome, while it’s also possible to understand this course for those students who have no such background mentioned above if they can try their best.
As for the lecture methods,
(1) Hybrid approach or combination of Online Asynchronous and Synchronous lectures will be applied (Microsoft Teams). Lecture materials will be uploaded before the lecture via manaba.
(2) All the materials will be distributed via manaba. Any change in lecture method will be notified in advance via manaba.
(3) Manaba will be used for all the submissions by students and comments by professors (please refer to the the grading phylosophy).

Site for Inquiry

Link to the syllabus provided by the university