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Medicine & dentistry, Subjects allied to medicine
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January - March
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Value Creation University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

- To prepare students to be immediate contributors in the workplace
upon graduation and to train them for success over their careers in
either academia or industry (chief project managers).
- To develop students’ critical competencies in creating economic
as well as societal value from digital public health data.
- To sensitise students on necessary strong and demonstrable project
management skills: planning, coordinating and achieving milestones
(technical / operational skills), and communicating, influencing,
relationship building, resolving issues and managing risks (leadership
- To make students aware of their entrepreneurial capacity and
comprehension regarding societal an economic value created from
digital public health data research.

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- Solid knowledge of English
- Easiness with online learning (e-learning platforms)
- Fluent writing

Grading Philosophy

- Continuous assessment (i.e., written tests, quizzes, video making,
written documents). The assessment is formative and duration varies
from each student since they organize themselves their schedule. Marks
are the sum of 3 components: a closed-item quiz, a video and a
document explaining the business model. Final marks are delivered at
the end of the course. If falling, students have 15 day more to
re-send the video and/or the business model and/or complete a new

Course schedule

- Principles of value creation in academia and industry: basics of
scientific communication through classic and online supports (from
paper writing to posting on social networks).
- Creating value in industry: creating a business model of a personal
project around public health.
- Communication value to the public: lay communication is developed
to share science with all publics.


1.Principles of Value Creation

2.Value Creation in the Academic Environment

3.Methods to create and innovate

4.Innovate with a business model and marketing strategies

5.Value Creation for a wider

6.Funding and supporting innovation

7.Protecting yourself and understanding the dynamics of innovation

8.How to finance an innovate project

9.The GRP Business Model

10.Find a business idea

11.Internal and external organisation of a company

12.How to make money

13.The Business Model, a system

Course type

Online lectures (video watching), reading materials provided by the lecturers, production of videos. - E-learning (hours include viewing videos and reading online materials plus tutoring by the coordinator on the teaching unit) - The module will give students the abilities to learn how to create scientific and economic value from health data. Through the production of several videos and a business model plus the completion of a quiz, students will develop their skills as entrepreneurs and science dealers. 

Online Course Requirement


Other information

- Maximum number of students: 21 (as for the whole MSc)
- Selection procedure and criteria: having succeeded the teaching
units of the first semester
- Students are asked at the end of the course to provide their
anonymous evaluation through a pre-defined form.
- Course from M2 Public Health Data Science

Duration: 9 weeks (65 hours)

Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: E-learning

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Ilaria MONTAGNI