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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
Course delivery methods
Online (Asynchronous)
Biological sciences, Computer Science, Mass communications & documentation
Master's Program in Informatics
Master's Program in Informatics
Tsukuba Campus
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October - December
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Visualization University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

Visualization is one of the most important technologies for visually representing complex datasets -- from scientific/medical experiments, physics simulations to everyday human activity, etc. Visualized media via the use of computer graphics techniques could enable the users gain a deeper understanding of the data. This course will discuss the fundamentals and applications of visualization, including scientific visualization technologies for scientific data and information visualization technologies for social data. 3-D user interfaces and augmented reality for operating visualized media will be also covered in this course.

Learning Achievement

To gain knowledge of the fundamentals of visualization/computer graphics, and to understand some typical techniques used for data visualization.


Quantitative research competence, Media expertise, System expertise

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Grading will be determined only based on interim/final reports related to course objectives and the reports will be scored (50 points each and total 100 points).
The reports will be evaluated based on understanding of class content, degree of achievement of course objectives, and accuracy of written contents. In addition, the first half of the assignment will be evaluated based on understanding of fundamentals of computer graphics/simulation for visualization and visualization methods for scientific data. the second half of the evaluation will be based on understanding of characteristics of the data and is able to select a visualization method that correctly represent what can be read from the data.
60 points or higher score is considered acceptable and a grade of A to D is also determined based on these scores.

Course schedule

(1) Fundamentals of Computer Graphics for Visualization (Fujisawa)
(2) Simulation and Data Structure (Fujisawa)
(3) Fundamentals of Scientific Visualization (Fujisawa)
(4) Volume Visualization (Fujisawa)
(5) Flow and Biomedical Visualization (Fujisawa)
(6) Fundamentals of Information Visualization (Tokii)
(7) Data Analysis and Visualization (Tokii)
(8) Location Information and Visualization (Tokii)
(9) Applications of Information Visualization (Tokii)
(10) 3D User Interface and AR (Tokii)

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Tokii Maki,Fujisawa Makoto

Other information

In this lecture, we will teach online using MS Teams and MS Stream.
All lecture will be basically given as an on-demand video on MS Stream.
Reports, and questions are all handled via manaba/MS Teams.
Attendance state is checked through manaba and the students are required to submit an easy mini-report after the weekly lecture.
There are two more reports for grading, an interim report and a final report.

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Tokii Maki

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