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Historical & philosophical studies
College of Liberal Arts
Main Campus
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February - June
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Wednesday 3,4,5
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ARHY7072 (141EM1300)

World Cultural Heritage in South & Southeast Asia National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Objective: Understanding the Asian cultures, mainly South and Southeast Asia, through the introduction of the World Cultural Heritage (WCH) inscribed UNESCO. Although the system for the inscription of WCH is based on European thinking to preservation of cultural heritage, undoubtedly it is the easiest way to know different cultures in Asia. Schedule: Feb 22 No.1: Introduction: Basic Concept of World Cultural Heritage Mar 1 No.2: Prehistorical Culture in South/Southeast Asia (Sangiran, Bhimbetka, Ban Chiang, Cordilleras, Moenjodaro) Mar 8 No.3: Buddhist Culture 1 (India: Ajanta, Sanchi, Lumbini, Bodh Gaya) Mar 15 No.4: Buddhist Culture 2 (Pakistan & Sri Lanka: Takhti Bahi, Taxila, Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa) Mar 22 No.6: Buddhist Culture 3 (Indonesia, Lao & Myanmar: Borobudur, Luang Phabang, Bagan) Mar 29 No.7: Buddhist Culture 4 (Thailand: Sukhothai, Ayutthaya) Apr 12 No.8: Hindu Culture 1 (India 1: Ellora, Elephanta, Mahabalipuram, Patthadakal, Kanarak) Apr 19 No.9: Hindu Culture 2 (India 2: Hampi, Khajuraho, Chola) Apr 26 No.10: Hindu Culture 3 (Cambodia: Angkor, Pereah Vihear) May 3 No.11: Hindu Culture 4 (Lao, Vietnam & Indonesia: Wat Phou, My Son, Prambanan) May 10 No.12: Islamic Culture 1 (India & Pakistan 1: Agra, Taj Mahal, Haumayun, Faterpur Sikri, Rhotas, Thatta) May 17 No.13: Islamic Culture 2 (India & Pakistan 2: Qutub Minar, Chapaner, Red Fort, Lahore) May 24 No.14: Islamic Culture 3 (Malaysia & Indonesia: Malacca, Kampung Laut, Banten, Demak, Kudus) May 31 No.15: Chinese Influenced Culture (Vietnam & Malaysia: Hue, Hoi An, Penang) June 7 No.16: Colonial Culture 1 (India: Goa, Mountain Railway, Shivaji Terminus) June 14 No.17: Colonial Culture 2 (Sri Lanka & Philippines: Galle, Baroque Churches, Vigan) June 21 No.18: Special topics (problems of World Heritage; ownership issue & tourism issue)

Learning Achievement

By the introduction of 67 inscribed WCH in Southeast and South Asia, conditions of multiplicity of cultural standard in Asia will be learned in the class.


Course prerequisites

The class will be lectured in English. The students attending who want to join into this course should confirm the basic geographical and historical knowledge of Asian region.

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Takashi Sakai

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(College of Liberal Arts) Graduate Institute of Art History

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