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Main Campus
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February - June
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Tuesday 6,7,8
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Write7014 (Q01EM0360)

Writing in the Humanities & Social Sciences National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Primary Course Content:
. How to write Definitions and Descriptions
. How to write an Analysis
. How to write Argumentation The course also offers these specific writing skills and functions:
. Defining
. Describing
. Summarizing
. Comparing/Contrasting
. Critiquing
. Analyzing
. Arguing/Persuading
. Proofreading and Editing By the end of the course, you should be able to: Critically evaluate and analyze a variety of texts for academic purposes. Identify features of academic writing and apply their knowledge of academic writing to organize their ideas into a logical and coherent text. Recognize argumentative structures used in constructing research papers. Develop proof-reading and self-editing skills.

Learning Achievement

The primary aim of this course is to develop the stylistic competency needed to write a thesis, article, and other English-language academic documents. This course is ideally suited to all students (not just Social Sciences) interested in writing about qualitative research ideas that require expository writing skills (闡述性寫作/明) The main assignment for this course invites you to create a personal writing project that uses some or all of the functions mentioned above. These functions can be applied to your writing assignments that match your particular needs. This project can be one single paper, or you can practice writing different parts of a paper. For example, if you are preparing your thesis, you may want to practice writing the definition and description of your research object. You may also want to practice analyzing the object, and critiquing previous research. If you are writing an article, you might want to practice writing the abstract (summary), or discussing your hypothetical conclusions based on your research methods (analysis and argumentation). You will be asked to submit by the end of the course, a final draft of this project that shows confident use of at least three of the expository functions.


Course prerequisites

1) Priority enrollment will be given to graduate learners enrolled in any Humanties or Social Science department. 2) Class instruction will be given in English, and all materials are in English. If you need help with advanced academic grammar for your academic writing, I recommend taking the AWEC's Fundamentals of English Writing class before taking this class. 2) This course is not open to auditors. Undergraduates will need to have a research project to qualify for this class.

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Marc Anthony

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Ntu Academic Writing Education Center
*Registration eligibility: graduate students.

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