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Medicine & dentistry
Ribeir_o Preto Medical School (FMRP)
Ribeirão Preto campus
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January - January
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Writing your Manuscript University of Sao Paulo

Course Overview

This course has the objective of teaching postgraduate students to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, authorship, plagiarism. At the end, the students should delivery a short paper for peer review. This step is essential for the final evaluation.

Learning Achievement

To learn about how to write an effective manuscript during the postgraduate course can help the students to report adequately your scientific results. Additionally, the program and the mentors could be benefited.


Course prerequisites

- Scientific project approved by Ethical Committee - Data explored/analyzed (at least partially) - Fluency in English - Personal computer (notebook) - operacional systems Linus, OS, Windows - Softwares installed: text editor (suggestion: Word_ or Pages_), reference manager (suggestion: Endnote_).

Grading Philosophy

PRESENCE: 91-100%: excellent, grade A; 81-90%: above average, grade B 71-80%: satisfactory, grade C; below 70%: unsatisfactory, grade D TASKS DELIVERED ON TIME*: All of them (5/5): excellent, grade A; 80% (4/5): above average, grade B 60% (3/5): satisfactory, grade C; below 40% (2/5): unsatisfactory, grade D * Tasks will be accepted only until to one week after. * If any task is not sent at this time (one week after), the grade will be decreased by "D" level. * Presence and tasks delivered on time will be compound as "Participation": A+A=A; A+B=A; B+A=A;B+B=B; B+C=B; C+B=B; C+C=C; C+D=D; D+C=D; D+D=D. If D, the student will not be automatically reproved in the course. FINAL REPORT: graded from zero to ten by average grade among teacher and peer review (made by two colleagues). FINAL GRADE: It will be equal to �gFinal report�h x 100% if �gParticipation�h=A or 85% if �gParticipation"=B or 70% if �gParticipation�h=C. ATTENTION: Final grade will not be attributed if �gParticipation"=D. IMPORTANT: If any sign of plagiarism is detected, the student will have one additional week to sent a new version of the final work and will have the final grade decreased in 20%._

Course schedule

- Introduction, the importance of a good writing divulgation - Good relationship with a text editor - Principles of effective writing - Crafting better sentences and paragraphs - Organization; and streamlining the writing process - The format of an original manuscript - Reviews, commentaries, and opinion pieces; and the publication process - Issues in scientific writing (plagiarism, authorship, ghostwriting, reproducible research) - How to do a peer review

Course type

Online Course Requirement


Om_ro Benedicto Poli N_tto

Other information

How much of a time commitment will this course be? - You should expect this course to require 4 to 8 hours of work per week. Any additional textbooks/software required? - There is no textbook for this course.

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