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Credit Transfer

International Credit Transfer System

Credit systems vary by country and region. In order to facilitate the smooth transfer of credits earned in different countries and regions, there are internationally standardized credit transfer systems. The following table shows the credit transfer systems related to CiC partner universities.

Credit System of each CiC partner university

The following table shows the credit system of each CiC partner university.

University of Tsukuba students who wish to have credits earned at a CiC partner university approved

If you want to have credits earned at a CiC partner university approved, you need to submit the following documents to your Academic Service Office. For detailed information on the application process, please contact your office.
|Application form for credit approval
|Academic transcript
|Course syllabus  etc.

List of Certified Courses
Before studying abroad, you can check the subject category of earned credits, however this is only a rough estimate and does not guarantee accreditation by the major.
*Currently, only courses from Agro-biological Resource Sciences are listed.
University of Bordeaux courses
National Taiwan University courses
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia courses