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Privacy Policy

Regarding the user’s personal information management of Course Jukebox (CJ) Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”), University of Tsukuba (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) shall observe the Act of the Protection of Personal Information held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc. (Law No.59, 2003), the same laws and regulations and “Management Rule on Protection of Personal Information” of the University, and shall pay full attention when treating it.

Personal information

Personal information means information of the user’s name, affiliation, e-mail address and contact of the Service, by which a specific user can be identified (including information by which other information can be referred to and a specific user can be identified as the result).

Obtainment of personal information and purpose for use of it

The University shall obtain a user’s personal information in accordance with the intention of the user after expressing or noticing the purpose for the use of it. The obtained information shall be used for the following purposes:

(1) to transmit information from the University
(2) to contact or respond to an inquiry from the user
(3) to provide the user with the Service or to manage the Service
(4) to improve or use the Service for development of new services, etc.
(5) to prevent use of the Service in a way violating the terms of service
(6) to promote mutual cooperation among students or teaching staff of the University or among parties concerned of the partner universities, and related organizations, etc.
(7) to produce or use modified data, with which an individual person cannot be identified on the Service

Provision of personal information to the third party

The University may provide the third party with a user’s personal information, only when the University can specify the destination and content of information, after having obtained consent of the user for it. However, the following shall be exempted:

(1) in case that the University is inquired lawfully by court, police or other judicial / administrative organization
(2) in case that there is a necessity to protect life, body, property, other rights or benefits of user or the third party
(3) in case that there is a necessity to protect rights or benefits of the University
(4) in case that there is a necessity for the contractor of the Service to provide individual services on behalf of the University
(5) in case that information of the service, obtained by totaling or analysis, is provided in a form that an individual person cannot be identified or specified
(6) in case that there is the possibility of a problem to the Service or maintenance of the system
(7) in other cases based on laws and regulations

Change, etc. of personal information

The University will respond within reasonable time in case a user requests revision, deletion, addition or suspension of use of its personal information, after having confirmed that the requester is the principal.

Exemption from responsibility

The University shall be exempted from any responsibility if a user by himself discloses his personal information to the third party by use of function of the Service or other means.

Link with outer services

In the Service, by agreement of a user, the user may connect the Service to accounts of or link with outer services operated by third parties. However, the user shall take note that such services are out of control of the University and that terms of use / privacy policy of the outer services and privacy policy of the University apply separately.

Existence of module for external transmission and data collection

In the Service, the University uses “Google Analytics” for survey of use situation, etc. and obtains statistical use information. In Google Analytics, information that does not include information with which individual person can be identified, are collected with Cookies.
For reference: official Web site of Google Analytics

Revision of privacy policy

The University may revise whole or part of “Privacy Policy” on Course Jukebox (CJ) In case that there is a substantial revision, it will be made known on the site of the Service.