Microbiome Data Analysis Introduction to Computational Neuroscience Functional Magnetic Resonance as Neuroimaging Technique Physics Applied to Medicine and Biology Statistical Mechanics Analysis of Nursing Conceptual Frameworks in Research Current Topics in Physiopathology and Toxicology I General Methods for Sterilization Processes Applied to Pharmaceuticals Seminar on Methods for Investigating the Aseptic Processing of Health Products and Healthcare Environment Decontamination Principles of Research Data Management and Collection Current Topics in Physiopathology and Toxicology III Special Topics in Equine Reproduction

To discuss matters related to equine reproduction, not available in the regular courses offered by the Graduate Program in Animal Reproduction, with the participation of professors, researchers and professionals from other national and international institutions. To address current and relevant subjects in the field of equine reproduction, offering student the opportunity to engage in discussions and establish collaborations with professors, researchers and invited professionals. School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (FMVZ) São Paulo main campus Program content addresses the field of equine reproduction, including reproductive physiology, management, pathology, biotechnology and obstetrics. This will more precisely defined by the visitor professor, researcher and professional expertise. Claudia Barbosa Fernandes 25 VRA5752 1 Participation concepts. http://ccint.fmvz.usp.br/index.php/en/