Course Jukebox

Course Jukebox


Students who want to take the online courses of the University of Tsukuba for spring semester 2021

Since the beginning of fall semester 2020, plenty of courses have been offered online at the University of Tsukuba.
Additionally, we also made it possible for students of CiC partner universities to take online courses for spring semester 2021.
For more detailed information regarding courses and application:

How to apply

Application Guidelines
・Application Form (Word / PDF)
Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data

Select courses from the available course options (
For any additional inquiries or comments:

Students incoming to the University of Tsukuba

CiC partner universities’ students may apply for student exchange (mobility) under one of the following two categories:

  • Exchange Students (Tokubetsu Chokogakusei) – undergraduate of graduate course taking students who seek to earn credits
  • Exchange Research Students (Tokubetsu Kenkyugakusei) – graduate students who seek to conduct research

For all information regarding application period and necessary documents, please refer to the following link:


Students from the University of Tsukuba who plan to study abroad

University of Tsukuba students may apply for a study/research exchange (mobility) to go to one of the CiC partner universities. For more information about the application, please visit:

Application documents