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Students incoming to the University of Tsukuba

CiC partner universities’ students may apply for a student exchange (mobility) under one of the following two categories:

  • Exchange Students (Tokubetsu Chokogakusei) – undergraduate of graduate course taking students who seek to earn credits
  • Exchange Research Students (Tokubetsu Kenkyugakusei) – graduate students who seek to conduct research

Application period

For course-taking students

  • Spring semester (starting in April):  October 1 – November 30, 2018
  • Fall semester (starting in October): March 1 – April 30, 2018

For research exchange students

  • 4 months prior the mobility.

Application documents

  1. Nomination letter (from your mobility/exchange coordinator; free style)
  2. Learning Agreement Course Taking Research
  3. Application form for Enrollment as Exchange Student/Exchange Research Students at the University of Tsukuba including CiC students
  4. Three ID photos of different sizes Two (2) photos, 40mm long x 24mm wide (attached one photo to the application, the other one together with application materials) One (1) photo, 30mm x 24mm wide (also to be sent together with other application materials).
  5. A copy of your passport, (include ID page and pages with Japanese immigration stamps, if any)
  6. Application for Certificate of Eligibility *Please look at the sample.
  7. A certificate confirming bank account balance (to indicate means of support during study for self-supporting students)
    Supporter’s certificates of bank account balance and certificate of income plus certificate of employment (in case the applicant has a financial supporter, such as a parent or a third party)
    A document that certifies that the applicant is a recipient of a scholarship (if applicable).

Place of submission: please submit your application through mobility (exchange) coordinator at your home university.

Students outgoing from the University of Tsukuba

University of Tsukuba students may apply for a study/research exchange (mobility) to go to one of the CiC partner universities. For more information about the application, please visit:

Application documents