Course Jukebox


Our Mission

We aim to realize free interaction among students, researchers and educators by sharing resources of education and research, regardless of the borders of universities, organizations and states.


The promotion of transborder education and research

By enhancing the platform of Course Jukebox, establishing mutual offices and inviting education and research units, we will develop cooperation with CiC universities (i.e., partner universities which concluded agreement with University of Tsukuba toward realization of Campus-in-Campus Plan). By this, we will promote transborder education and research.

※CiC university
partner universities which concluded agreement with University of Tsukuba toward realization of Campus-in-Campus Plan

Our Philosophy

It is our aim in this new system to have students complete courses freely, between University of Tsukuba and CiC university ( and university with which CiC agreement is to be concluded ), in that the and credits so acquired are authorized without transferal procedures between the universities.
With this, students can complete courses beyond the frame of any organization providing the courses or their universities. From this the Campus-in-Campus plan aiming to turn the world into a campus is made possible.

What is Course Jukebox?

Course Jukebox is a platform that provides information of courses and educational programs that students can take freely between University of Tsukuba and CiC universities.
Globally, it picks up characteristic courses of each university and recommendable courses. Our goal is that each student of University of Tsukuba and CiC universities can take a string of procedures; registration of courses, completion of courses and acquirement of credits through Course Jukebox.


Information of courses picked up on Course Jukebox is roughly categorized into two types. One is the information of attractive courses that the universities provide, including courses that do not require credit transferal under CiC agreement. The other is information of established programs such as Double Degree Program and Joint Degree Program.
As each type has respective features, please find a style fit to you and try the courses for studying abroad.

Road Map

Information of CiC universities, education programs and courses will be enhanced at all times.